Providing supportive therapeutic mental health activities, events, and resources to Active Duty Military, Veterans, First Responders, and their immediate families. 

About Us

Giving Back USA is a Veteran/First Responder-founded, all volunteer organization dedicated to giving back to our heroes in uniform, both active, and veterans, and their immediate families. Located near Martinsville, VA, we provide meaningful supportive cognitive and behavioral therapeutic activities, peer support and education, crisis/suicide intervention, as well as Veteran/First Responder healthcare/mental health resource connection, coordination, advocate & liaison services. If one of our heroes is in the middle of an emotional or mental health crisis, that is not the time to let them try to navigate “The System” (VA care, Private Insurance, Employee Assistance Program, etc) that is cluttered, inefficient, and in many cases designed with so much red tape, and obstacles to obtaining help, the Veteran/First Responder simply give up.

We utilize a combination of public and private properties which support a wide variety of outdoor individual and family activities, including hunting, fishing, horseback/ATV riding, and more. We use these activities to engage with, foster a peer supporting peer environment, while communicating our own experiences, successes, and failures, and saying the things that need to be said, and having the conversations that need to be had.

We partner with Veteran Service Organizations, and non-profit organizations serving Veterans and First Responders in order to provide whatever support is required for our clients, and their families to get timely access to the resources they need, and have most certainly earned! Our mission is to Give Back to those who sacrifice so much on our behalf, by providing them with the tools and resources necessary for them to reconnect to the people and world around them, and not ever let them fight their healthcare/mental health battles alone.