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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services & activities do you offer?

We currently provide crisis/suicide intervention, resource liaison, patient advocacy services, and host outdoor family-friendly skills development events on our 850+ acre private retreat, such as camping, fishing, hiking, ATV Trails, and year-round hunting (Something will be in season every month of the year).

Who is eligible for your events?

Active duty military, Reserves, National Guard, veterans, first responders, and their immediate family members.

How much does it cost?

Our services are provided at NO COST whatsoever to our clients.

Any license, tags, taxidermy or processing costs are the responsibility of each hunter. We have a clean space and all of the tools necessary to self-process whitetail and bears, as well as knowledgeable staff who can teach you how to fully process your own. We'll even borrow you an extra cooler if you need one!

How is Giving Back funded?

Giving Back is funded entirely through private donations and fundraisers.

Can I pay to hunt or ride on your properties?

No. We do not have a “Pay to Play” system.

What species of animals are available to hunt?

We have whitetail deer, black bears, turkeys, coyotes, squirrels, and seasonal ducks & geese. Something is in season 50 weeks a year!

Do you provide lodging?

No, unfortunately, we do not. However, there are hotels in and around Martinsville (See "Lodging" under the "Resources" tab), should you require lodging. We also have a small camping area large enough for a large tent, or small travel camper/trailer at our 850+ acre property.

Do you offer outfitter services?
  • No, we do not. We do have experienced guides who know our properties inside and out, and are able to provide a full-service, guided hunt, to include field dressing, and transport to our animal processor. We are not, however, able to provide full-service outfitter services, such as meals, or lodging at this time.
Do I have to have previous experience?

Certainly, having some experience is helpful, but it is not necessary. We can accommodate all levels of hunter experience, and we have been truly honored to be a part of many first-time hunters first successful hunt.

What equipment do I need to provide?
  • Each participant is responsible for his/her own transportation to the Martinsville, VA area, lodging, meals, clothing, and hunting license fees. You show up dressed to hunt, with a valid hunting license, and we will get you into the best locations on the property for a successful hunt.
  • We are able to provide rifles, muzzle loaders, crossbows, ammunition/bolts, ground blinds, tree stands, trail cameras, processing & field dressing tools, binoculars, range finders, portable heaters, and most other common hunting equipment.
  • We are also able to provide one adult and one child sized ATV with advanced notice. 
Can I bring my family?

Yes! Please do. We encourage this to be a complete family event. We can host multiple hunters at a time on some properties. Integrating the family into these events is one of our top priorities. 

How long are your events?

We typically book hunts for 3.5 days, depending on the schedule/availability of the hunter. The first half day is reserved for zero confirmation, scouting, and getting oriented with the property, with the first hunt taking place on the morning of Day 2.

The duration of other activities varies greatly from person to person. 


How do I know if there is an event scheduled?

We post all upcoming events on our Facebook page, Instagram, and our website.

If you are interested in an individual or small group event, contact us via social media, email, or telephone, and one of our event coordinators will contact you to work out the details of your event. 

Do you offer processing or taxidermy for harvested animals?

No we do not. However, we have field dressing and processing equipment, as well as local processors and taxidermists within a short distance. Processing & Taxidermy costs are the responsibility of each hunter. 

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